About Us

Soul Organics is a new kind of Organic Superfood company.

Like you, we care about a lot of different things.


Our company’s mission goes further than providing superfoods of the highest quality. We strive to facilitate healthy lifestyle habits and make a global impact beginning with the very roots that stretch across this planet.

Our company was founded in 2014 by Richard Moriarty, an Irishman motivated by his passion for healthy living. He knew the value of true high-quality superfoods, yet realized that products that met his standards of purity and potency were scarce.

Richard began a trek around the world in search of these high-quality superfoods, and it was on this journey that he discovered the three superfood sources that we now provide to you -Bolivian Quinoa, Peruvian Gelatinized Maca Powder and the only Organic Spirulina in the world certified by every major organic certifying body.

Richard didn’t stop there- his vision of spreading healthy living on a global level drove him to do much more. Profoundly moved by the natural landscapes he was exposed to during his travels, he was inspired to partner with Trees for the Future and pledged to plant a tree for every product sold by Soul Organics. By the end of 2017, Soul Organics had planted more than 10,000 trees.

In 2017, the Pendergraft family joined the Soul Organics ownership team to revolutionize the industry by bringing knowledge of practical brain science and the best in healthy lifestyle habit support to Soul Organics customers.

Brad Pendergraft is a Practical Brain Science and Peak Performance expert who earned the nickname “Brain Coach Brad” after writing a bestselling book called The UnWorried Brain: Achieve More, Stress Less and Turn Worry into Action with Practical Brain Science, and co-founding a multi-million dollar mental health care company.

Brain Coach Brad’ was invited to assist the NYPD after the tragic terrorist attack on 9/11, pairing his passion and knowledge to help responders facing PTSD manage their emotional health and build healthy habits. His 25 years of teaching have been filled with success and continued growth as he remains a leading coach in the health industry- a true master of emotional well-being.

Jake and Caleb, who had previously joined forces with Brad to build the brain training company Lifetime Optimization, have rejoined him to bring the true benefits of Soul Organics products to an even wider audience.

Jake is a workout fanatic, athlete and Peak Performance coach who brings a deep passion and understanding of physical health to the table, applying his knowledge about the human body and the best ways to fuel it. As the Sales and Marketing Director his job is to get the word about our amazing Organic Superfoods.

Caleb is a video and web specialist who brings it all together. He’s the guy that communicates this miraculous collision of science, nature and heart with the easy-to-follow resources he designs.

The BEST part of our story is you.

You crave simplicity, transparency, and quality. To you, an organic superfood should make you feel connected to the earth - quenching your body’s thirst for something pure. You want to feel great about the product itself, the people providing it, and the effect that just one transaction can have on the world.

You are the foundation that continues to shape our company. Welcome to Soul Organics.